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From the smallest label to a booklet, copy is required. Words should become visual along with the layouts to make sure everyone is onboard. Clients often say they’ll provide the words to a project — the job may get stuck there unless you can provide them with a place to start. Clients are busy with their own work and so are the people that work for them. It definitely takes time to think through all the parameters of a graphic piece. The audience, the use, how long does the reader have to read it, will the text fit the area available before it becomes bird-speck size, did you put the customer to sleep, etc. etc.! On my projects, ideally, headlines with roughed in body copy concepts go into the layouts to get opinions rolling. Creative copy sounds fun, but cutting a couple paragraphs into a couple lines on a label is tedious. Pleasing different personalities can be daunting. My point is that I can help you with creative copy. Here are some examples of my work.

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