Wild Lion Studio

  • Wild Lion Illustration
  • BBQ Snack Packaging
  • Evolution Banner
  • Evolution Trade Ad, Website, Table Tent
  • Lost Trail Rootbeer Carrier, Label & Sales Sheet
  • Lost Trail Logo & Copywriting
  • Louisburg Cider Mill Banner
  • Louisburg Cider Mill Catalogs

Graphic Design is your First Impression

Originality and creativity determine much of a project’s outcome. Successful results also involve research, budget constraints, deadlines, technical expertise and teamwork. Well planned branding is one of the most important tools you can provide to your sales effort. My network of talented people have what you’ve been looking for; unique ideas and the means to implement them. Clients have been placing their valued trust in my work and decisions for many years. Clients have always seemed to prefer working directly with me, the creative director, not a sales person. I prefer the personalized approach, as well. Consider bouncing ideas around with a seasoned, creative director. Perhaps I could be of service when your next creative project is getting ready to “come out of the cage.” Feel free to contact me to discuss possibilities and establish your expedition’s destination and what it is you seek to capture.

Thank you for your interest,
Donna Harper

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